My Very First Post


So I’m gonna try my hand at writing. Not sure how much of a success I’m gonna be though. While I love to read I’ve never really tried writing before. This is my second attempt at blogging though. For years my hubby has been pushing me to try writing. He reasons that since I am such a voracious reader I should have the ability to write too. Same way he has also been pushing me to design my own crochet patterns. And thanks to his steady encouragement I have designed a couple of patterns. I have yet to proof read and test the patterns though, so as of now I’m not going to publish them. But by and by…


My problem is a lack of time (I have two toddlers that literally run me to the ground) and sheer laziness. The little time I get when the kids are napping goes into doing some chores and getting some rest. I’m pretty sure you moms out there would understand!

Oh geez…I just realized the time. It’s time for some shut eye.


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