What’s going on??

So I thought I should tell you a little of what I’ve been up to and a little bit about my life in Nigeria.

Living in Nigeria I don’t have access to all the gorgeous yarns that are available everywhere except here. The only yarn we get here is some scratchy 100% acrylic 3-ply yarn. But when you have the bug you take whichever medicine is available, right? Hand crafts, especially yarn related are not too common here (despite the fact that it’s taught in schools!!) Here needles/hooks are called spocks (like in wheels) and knitting and crochet is defined as ‘working with one spock or two!’ (rolls eyes). Foreign exchange rate is a nightmare. So ordering yarn online is pretty darned expensive and pretty much impossible for one with my small pocket! But determination is a great thing, ain’t it? After almost three years here I finally ordered my first batch of Ice Yarns! Woohoooooo!!! It ain’t too much and made me scramble to justify the cost of $36.00 in shipping (300 naira to 1 USD! But now I finally have some good stuff to play with.

Blog ice yarns

Ice Yarns

As my new year resolution I had determined that I would finish all my current Works-In-Progress (aka WIPs). I had also promised myself that I wouldn’t start any more projects till I’d completed all my WIPs (as if, right?)

Well, I did manage to finish a couple of WIPs (pics to follow at the end of the post) but I broke the resolution of ‘no new projects’ earlier this month (sheepish smile). But I do have a good excuse (at least to me 😉 ) My BIL is visiting and I wanted to make a shawl for his wife as a gift and a little beanie for his kid. So I finally get a chance to play with my new yarn. Yayyy me! Well the shawl is complete and the beanie is in-progress. I made a virus shawlette and I’m making a Woven Stitch Beanie for my niece.

The other thing I started this year is a Mystery Crochet-A-Long (aka MCAL). It’s the Wonder Crochet Blanket CAL 2016 hosted by American Crochet. This is my very first MCAL and I’m real excited! I have already completed parts 1-3 and part 4 is in progress. Excuse the weird colours. I’m just using what stash I have available.



My completed Projects so far this year (2016)


Seed bead necklaces, modeled by my beautiful daughter!!



So that’s from me. What about you?What have you been upto so far this year? I’d love to hear your story….


5 thoughts on “What’s going on??

  1. Oh gosh, $36 for shipping…! But yay for new yarn~ 🙂

    I really like the way that your MCAL is coming along! I love seeing colorful projects like that; they make me so happy, ha ha! 😀


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