Gosh! It’s been a looong time!! I just checked and my last post was almost a month ago!! :O Wow! I don’t know where the time has gone! I have been neglecting my blog because of all that’s been going on, though I know that’s no excuse. I have been as busy as a bee completing old and current wips….

So what have I been up to you ask? Well, I completed the Woven Stitch Beanie designed by b.hooked designs, for my little niece. 

The design asks for worsted weight yarn and a 4mm hook. Since all I have accessible here is light fingering 100% acrylic yarn, I had to make a few modifications.

I used a 4mm hook and made a magic ball of all the different colours of yarn I had (it’s for a kid). Also as it’s for a child around 18 months old I had to make the band with a less number of rows. So instead of the 110 rows called for I made 90. Now that its completed I feel I should’ve gone with 75 or 80 rows instead though. Because the band is really stretchy. Oh, well…the kid will get a lot more use out of it, right? 😉 Instead of going with a length of 10 inches I stopped at 8 inches. The circumference is 16 inches, unstretched. Made a pompom the old fashioned way (with a piece of card paper) and sewed it on. And here it is in all its colourful glory….



I made a phone pouch for my SIL using the woven stitch i learned from making the beanie. I really love the woven stitch. Both sides  of it look beautiful and one side has a lovely pebbly and textured feel to it. It makes me think it may make a good wash cloth. I just used all the left over yarn from my rainbow coloured woven stitch hat I’d made for my niece and a 3.5mm hook. After some amount of frustrated frogging I finally got the stitch count right to match the desired size. Now the only thing left to do is the handle. That’s actually got me stumped though. I need a long handle since she’ll be wearing it cross-body at work to leave her hands free (she’s a hair-dresser). It also shouldn’t sag too much with use, so it needs to be firm. And most importantly I need it to be something simple and easy cause I’m reaaallllyyyy done with this pouch (*rolls eyes in boredom*). I was leaning towards a 5 strand braid myself but I am open to suggestions.


I eventually managed to get done with Part 4 of The Wonder Crochet Blanket MCAL 2016. A little late though. I haven’t even started with Part 5 yet and Part 6 is already posted (yikes!!). I’m really lagging behind, but hopefully I’ll complete it within the next few days (or weeks…fingers crossed). I’m sure Misty is not gonna be happy with me if I keep this up (*wink*)


I finally finished the single crochet lariat I’ve been working on since last year though and that has made me very happy. In fact I wore it yesterday for a Nigerian Traditional Marriage I attended!! Yayyy…


A friend’s daughter is getting married in May this year and she asked me to make some accessories for her little flower girls and bridesmaids. I have been busy researching on that and working up samples. Besides spending time in consultations with the blushing bride 😉 She’ll be having her traditional marriage this weekend in fact and my two little ones will be in her bridal train. I’m quite excited cause this is the first Nigerian traditional marriage I’m actually involved in!! Usually I’m just a spectator and it gets real boring real fast! I’m not making anything for this event though.

This is a sample I made. It’s a simple 5 strand braided headband made with individual strands of double crochet. Perhaps I’ll write out the pattern for it in the next day or two. And a flower pattern I found years ago and now can’t find the source for anymore 😦

And last but not the least I made a hat for a friend with one of the Ice Yarns yarn I ordered a few weeks ago. It’s my own design again but I forgot to write down everything and now I don’t know if I’ll be able to replicate it again (darn!)


So you see….I have been busy…busy…busy. I didn’t realize quite how much I’d done till now though….whew…no wonder I have brain freeze!

Oh well! It’s back to work for me. Wanna work up a few more samples for my friend. Ta for now….


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