Wedding Accessories Samples

Hey there my yarny friends,

As I told you all I will be making some of the accessories for my friend/mom’s daughter’s white wedding. So to that end I worked up some samples. Here they are….

This is the hairband for the little flower girls. Its supposed to be in red, but as this is a sample i worked it up in this colour so my DD can wear it later!

For the band I used Mrs. Micawber’s Winding Lane Bracelet, a 3.5mm hook and 2 ply (1 weight) acrylic yarn.

For the flower I used the Gerbera pattern from the Gerbera and Rose Corsage pattern I found online. It’s from the book excerpt. Its a pdf file I downloaded a while ago and now I can’t seem to find the link anymore 😦

Bow tie for the page boys. This one I just made up. I used a 2 ply (01 weight) acrylic yarn doubled (1 strand yellow 1 strand orange) and a 5mm hook for the bow. and used a 4 mm hook and just 1 strand of yellow yarn for the strap. I used the foundation double crochet for the appropriate length then made a border of slip stitches around the entire stranp to make it firmer. popped on a 1/2 inch button on one end.

The boutonniere for the groomsmen. For this I used the Crochet Bridal Flowers – Bridal bouquet and Boutonniere pattern by Cre8tion Crochet.

So what do you think? Are they any good? Would love to get your feedback and any suggestions you may have.


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