A Nigerian White Wedding

So, in my last post I told you guys about my friend’s daughter’s traditional marriage, and the samples of the wedding accessories I was making for the white wedding. Well, today’s post is about the white wedding. All the samples I showed the bride were approved and appropriately oohhh’d and ahhh’d over.

The wedding was beautiful. The bride, though kinda harrowed and stressed, still managed to look beautiful.

Here’s the hairband made for the flower girls. While I used the same Gerbera flower pattern I mentioned in my last post I changed the hairband pattern (sorry Mrs. Micawber!). Instead I used the Pearly Girl Baby Headband designed by Jennifer Fayard, I just left off the flowers.

The boutonniere for the groom and groomsmen. I used the same patterns I mentioned in my previous post. I put two crystals instead of the one featuring in the pic but forgot to take a pic after the modification.


The hair bow for the little angel and little bride.

My own DD was the little angel and my DS was the page boy


Picture Collage


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