Let Me Not Jeopardize

Let me not, jeopardize,

the faith of others, in my life.

Help me be,

Your hands and light,

and not fail, to show,

the path that’s right. *

Source: Let Me Not Jeopardize

Jeopardize – today’s word prompt! On looking through the other posts I came across the above quote! A very beautifully written one indeed.

In our quest to be the perfect and righteous Christian its a simple concept that we all forget. Our behavior reflects our master. In natural life our behavior reflects our parents. What they teach us through verbal and non-verbal communication makes us what we are. In the same way our moral compass is a reflection of our proximity to God and His Word. Our behavior can cause people to either praise God or blame Him. In everything we do and say we should always ensure that our compass is facing God (north). When we have the fear of God in our hearts and we respect His Word we will always be a credit to Him. And the better behaved we are, the more souls we will win for Him. Evangelizing will become as easy as pie. Because people will see Christ reflected in us. It’s not eloquence of tongue that wins people over it is the Spirit of God shining through us that wins them over.

I wanna be a credit to Him.



2 thoughts on “Let Me Not Jeopardize

  1. Rightly phrased by the author; our proximity to God and His word will determine our representation of Him toward reflecting His love by our character…if this is a in overall a true statement, it will be difficult for any of us to minister to other by either word or character. The prophets of old; nearly all of the prophesied with a vernier of their personal character over their messages. Some were overly angry, some extremely emotionaland others stubborn, but yet their messages were well received as from God; kings trembled and citizens of both Israel and Gentiles applied their words. Besides, there are no instruments to measure our proximity to God, but this: Jesus said; my sheep hear my voice and they follow me, they voice of stranger they will not hear. Number one way of approved closeness to God is the ability to hear His voice and to obey it and in doing this we must learn to differentiate the voice of the enemy and the voice of the Lord. The devil seems to speak more frequently to those who do not understand the voice of the Lord than the Lord speaks to His people. It’s in constantly hearing that we are able to speak to people his love. If we must wait till our character reflects Him, then the work of evangelizing the world would be done by angels and not men. I am not at the same time saying we should carry along our bad attitude and inherent character that does not reflect God’s word, rather we don’t start by changing, we start by hearing Him; faith in God comes by hearing and by the word of God.


    • Thank you Elder for giving a more comprehensive explanation to my point. I agree that the only way we can truly reflect Christ in our lives is by hearing His voice and that can only happen if we spend more time in His presence learning from Him, building a closer relationship with Him.
      Thank you and stay blessed.


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