A yarn about my crafty roots

I first learnt to knit when I was in third grade from an aunt. It was also taught formally in school the following year in craft/art class. But once I learnt crochet in my teens I kind of drifted away from knitting. Knitting can be complicated whereas crochet, atleast to me, is easier and faster. The last thing I knitted was a blanket, cap and booties when I was pregnant for my DD, in 2013. Since then I just packed my needles away.

A few months ago I bought some Ice Yarns. In it was a pack of Summer Yarns in black, grey and white variegated colours. I tried using it for many projects but nothing seemed to fit. I used it to make a hat for a friend (she did like it, though I’ve yet to see her wear it!)


Anyway, besides this one completed project I couldn’t make it work for anything else. I wanted to use it to make a hoodie vest for my DD, but none of the patterns really looked good. Till I finally decided to try a knitted pattern instead. And that’s what finally worked!!!



It’s the Baby Clouds Hoodie Vest from RedHeart Yarns’ website. Once I’d completed I loved it soooo much that I had to make another one for my DS.InstagramCapture_5ec439d0-4e0f-41d7-8397-3802a2bd2252

While the one made with the Ice Yarns yarn is a medium weight yarn the second one was made with the locally available fingering weight yarn. So I did have to make some changes. I had to increase the number of stitches to get the right size. I accomplished that by working up gauge swatches! I never was more grateful for having learned about the importance of swatching!! The size turned out perfectly.



And now I’m on a roll!! I can’t seem to put down those knitting needles! Here are some of my FOs and WIPs….


This is technically a top designed by Madeleine Nilsson from Yarn Madness. I just elongated it a little to turn it into a tunic.








I really like her designs for the unique and simple, all-in-one-piece construction style. I hate seaming and Ms. Nilsson is a woman after my own heart!! I love her designs and can’t wait to try out some more of her designs.

My current WIP though, is a dress called Elenka, designed by Inna Aleksandrova from the Knitty site. Besides the dress I’m also working on making crocheted Alphabets for the little ones to play. They are based on the pattern from Tamara Kelly from Mooglyblog. More on them later.

And that’s it from me. What’s going on with you then???


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