Hello and welcome to my world of yarn (of all kinds)! I love a good yarn, be it of wool or words!

My name is Glenis Ndukwe. I am an Indian, born and brought up in the beautiful city of Mumbai. Against the norm I married a Nigerian back in 2001 and we are currently living in Nigeria, in the state of Abia. I am a stay-at-home mom to three wonderful and unique children. Two boys and the youngest is a beautiful girl! Now that one has us all effortlessly wrapped around her little finger!! And most importantly, I am a Christian with an ever growing faith in Jesus Christ.

This is my space to rant or rave about all those things that are dear to me and no one else gets.

I find the world of crafts infinitely fascinating!! I love the way we use our hands to create something beautiful. I love the way our minds work when we see the potential in even the most mundane of things. There are so many different mediums to express ones creativity…I wanna learn them all!!

My journey with crafts started as a young girl. I first learned to knit at the age of 8 or 9 from Nana Laughlin. I used to watch her in fascination as she’d watch television while knitting sweaters, hats, booties et al, effortlessly and with lightening speed. I finally convinced her to teach me. My very first project was a knitted scarf! It wasn’t very good but I was very proud! I learnt to crochet by watching some ladies crocheting while traveling in the train on my way to college. As soon as I made my first little 5-petal flower I was hooked! I didn’t really start crocheting seriously till 2011, while pregnant for my second child. In 2013 we moved to Nigeria. And my love affair with crochet continues and grows! Now I’ve added beading and jewelry making to my repertoire. I can cross stitch but my embroidery skills are kinda rusty. Though in all of these mediums I am still a newbie and learn something new every day. I still wanna learn tatting and quilting and soap making and weaving and…and….and…Its an ever growing list!!!

Life is a journey and crafting and creating to me is an important part of that journey….