Daily Prompt: Perplexed

via Daily Prompt: Perplexed


1> bewildered; puzzled

2> complicated; involved; entangled.

Perplexed! There are many things that leave me perplexed. How does gravity work? What’s in the centre of the earth? What is a black hole? How does my brain function? How is each snowflake, fingerprint, leaf different? Did dinosaurs really exist or not? Do aliens exist?

But to me the most perplexing thing of all are relationships. Of husband and wife, parents and children, siblings, friends etc. How do we all fit together? What makes some of us click and some blast? Why are relationships so involved and bewildering? What you say, what you do, what you think…all of it makes a difference. Husbands don’t understand wives and parents don’t understand children. Siblings don’t understand each other, they are always competing for their parents attention or material benefits. Parents are trying to teach children boundaries and values and morality. But they may not always be perfect in these same teachings. We tell our children that lying is bad, yet we tell lies ourselves. We call them ‘white lies’, harmless lies, lies of omission, etc. But a lie is a lie. It can’t be qualified. And it is confusing to those children we are teaching, that lying is wrong!

Relationships are confusing, involved and unnecessarily bewildering. There are rules for everything and everyone. Rules for husbands, wives, children, friends, acquaintances, neighbours etc. What is acceptable behavior and whats not. What to say, what to do…rules, rules everywhere.

The only relationship that is truly simple and uncomplicated is my relationship with Christ. His rules are simple. Love the Lord above all else and love your neighbour as yourself. Once you follow Him and these simple rules, all other relationships become less complicated. If husbands love their wives like themselves, they won’t cheat on them, beat them, ill treat them either physically or emotionally. Same for wives, if they love their husbands like themselves, they wouldn’t deny the husband his due, they too wouldn’t cheat. They wouldn’t lie to each other or their children. When children see their parents behave well, treating each other with respect and love and consideration, they will try to emulate the parents. The children will treat the parents with respect and honour. Peace will reign in the home. When these peaceful people go out, they will interact with all those they meet in a peaceful way. Anger and provocation will not follow their words and deeds. In this way all our relationships will be affected with the peace of Christ. And the presence of Christ, the God of light, will illuminate the darkness and disperse the confusion of complicated and entangled relationships.

At least that’s the ideal world I’d like to live in. But I know life is not always so cut and dried. We are only human and we are ruled by our weaknesses. Sometimes, when provoked, we get angry and even abuse and curse. We lose our peace. But the trick is to realise the weakness in ourselves, deal with it and overcome it. We will fall from time to time. But we must get up, dust ourselves off and continue trying. Someday, I will achieve that ideal! Till then I’ll just keep trying And whenever I get perplexed, I’ll look up to the Lord of Light and ask for His illumination to disperse the darkness and confusion.




A yarn about my crafty roots

I first learnt to knit when I was in third grade from an aunt. It was also taught formally in school the following year in craft/art class. But once I learnt crochet in my teens I kind of drifted away from knitting. Knitting can be complicated whereas crochet, atleast to me, is easier and faster. The last thing I knitted was a blanket, cap and booties when I was pregnant for my DD, in 2013. Since then I just packed my needles away.

A few months ago I bought some Ice Yarns. In it was a pack of Summer Yarns in black, grey and white variegated colours. I tried using it for many projects but nothing seemed to fit. I used it to make a hat for a friend (she did like it, though I’ve yet to see her wear it!)


Anyway, besides this one completed project I couldn’t make it work for anything else. I wanted to use it to make a hoodie vest for my DD, but none of the patterns really looked good. Till I finally decided to try a knitted pattern instead. And that’s what finally worked!!!



It’s the Baby Clouds Hoodie Vest from RedHeart Yarns’ website. Once I’d completed I loved it soooo much that I had to make another one for my DS.InstagramCapture_5ec439d0-4e0f-41d7-8397-3802a2bd2252

While the one made with the Ice Yarns yarn is a medium weight yarn the second one was made with the locally available fingering weight yarn. So I did have to make some changes. I had to increase the number of stitches to get the right size. I accomplished that by working up gauge swatches! I never was more grateful for having learned about the importance of swatching!! The size turned out perfectly.



And now I’m on a roll!! I can’t seem to put down those knitting needles! Here are some of my FOs and WIPs….


This is technically a top designed by Madeleine Nilsson from Yarn Madness. I just elongated it a little to turn it into a tunic.








I really like her designs for the unique and simple, all-in-one-piece construction style. I hate seaming and Ms. Nilsson is a woman after my own heart!! I love her designs and can’t wait to try out some more of her designs.

My current WIP though, is a dress called Elenka, designed by Inna Aleksandrova from the Knitty site. Besides the dress I’m also working on making crocheted Alphabets for the little ones to play. They are based on the pattern from Tamara Kelly from Mooglyblog. More on them later.

And that’s it from me. What’s going on with you then???

Let Me Not Jeopardize

Let me not, jeopardize,

the faith of others, in my life.

Help me be,

Your hands and light,

and not fail, to show,

the path that’s right. *

Source: Let Me Not Jeopardize

Jeopardize – today’s word prompt! On looking through the other posts I came across the above quote! A very beautifully written one indeed.

In our quest to be the perfect and righteous Christian its a simple concept that we all forget. Our behavior reflects our master. In natural life our behavior reflects our parents. What they teach us through verbal and non-verbal communication makes us what we are. In the same way our moral compass is a reflection of our proximity to God and His Word. Our behavior can cause people to either praise God or blame Him. In everything we do and say we should always ensure that our compass is facing God (north). When we have the fear of God in our hearts and we respect His Word we will always be a credit to Him. And the better behaved we are, the more souls we will win for Him. Evangelizing will become as easy as pie. Because people will see Christ reflected in us. It’s not eloquence of tongue that wins people over it is the Spirit of God shining through us that wins them over.

I wanna be a credit to Him.


Daily Prompt: Eyes

via Daily Prompt: Eyes

The eye is called the window of our soul.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Smiles that reach the eyes are the best kind.

These are some of the sayings that came to my mind when I saw today’s prompt.  Then I thought about what the Bible says about the eye. So I went to my Bible on my computer and did a search. The search returned 96 verses!! 96 verses on the eye! This small little part of our body. I don’t think the eye accounts for even a fraction of a fraction of our total body mass! And yet it has so much importance. Not just to us but also to God. It’s so important in His sight that He said, “An eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,” (Exodus 21:24). So if anyone is the cause for another’s sightlessness, God would avenge one by taking away the eye of the oppressor! He even goes on to say, “The eye that mocketh at his father, And despiseth to obey his mother, The ravens of the valley shall pick it out, And the young eagles shall eat it.” (Proverbs 30:17) Wow! Woe on the children of then. No wonder parents and elders were respected. Today it’s common practice for a child to look down on his parents, especially once the parent is old and dependant on him. It’s obvious that God knows best. A maid or servant could even get their freedom if their master causes them to lose their eye! “And if a man smite the eye of his servant, or the eye of his maid, and destroy it; he shall let him go free for his eye’s sake. (Exodus 21:26)

Knowing the importance of the eye, the psalmist asked the Lord to ‘Keep me as the apple of the eye; Hide me under the shadow of thy wings,’ (Psalms 17:8)


Below are some of Solomon’s wise sayings on the importance of the eye.

He that winketh with the eye causeth sorrow; But a prating fool shall fall. – Proverbs 10:10

He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; For he giveth of his bread to the poor. – Proverbs 22:9

Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, Neither desire thou his dainties: – Proverbs 23:6

He that hath an evil eye hasteth after riches, And knoweth not that want shall come upon him. – Proverbs 28:22

All things are full of weariness; man cannot utter it: the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing. – Ecc 1:8

And then we have the words of Jesus, Wisdom personified! These are just a few that stood out for me.

And if thy right eye causeth thee to stumble, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not thy whole body be cast into hell. – Matthew 5:29

The lamp of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is the darkness! – Matthew 6:22-23

Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. – Matthew 5:27-28 (Not exactly using the word eye but the concept is the same, right?)


And even Paul jumped on the bandwagon!

Servants, obey in all things them that are your masters according to the flesh; not with eye-service, as men-pleasers, but in singleness of heart, fearing the Lord: – Collosians 3:22

From all of the above and many more verses we now know that “Beauty” is not the only thing that’s in the eye of the beholder. Our very blessings lie in our eyes! Our eyes can lead us to heaven or hell. The wide way or the narrow way. Gives a new meaning to the saying, “The eye is the window to our souls”, doesn’t it??!!

A Nigerian White Wedding

So, in my last post I told you guys about my friend’s daughter’s traditional marriage, and the samples of the wedding accessories I was making for the white wedding. Well, today’s post is about the white wedding. All the samples I showed the bride were approved and appropriately oohhh’d and ahhh’d over.

The wedding was beautiful. The bride, though kinda harrowed and stressed, still managed to look beautiful.

Here’s the hairband made for the flower girls. While I used the same Gerbera flower pattern I mentioned in my last post I changed the hairband pattern (sorry Mrs. Micawber!). Instead I used the Pearly Girl Baby Headband designed by Jennifer Fayard, I just left off the flowers.

The boutonniere for the groom and groomsmen. I used the same patterns I mentioned in my previous post. I put two crystals instead of the one featuring in the pic but forgot to take a pic after the modification.


The hair bow for the little angel and little bride.

My own DD was the little angel and my DS was the page boy


Picture Collage

Wedding Accessories Samples

Hey there my yarny friends,

As I told you all I will be making some of the accessories for my friend/mom’s daughter’s white wedding. So to that end I worked up some samples. Here they are….

This is the hairband for the little flower girls. Its supposed to be in red, but as this is a sample i worked it up in this colour so my DD can wear it later!

For the band I used Mrs. Micawber’s Winding Lane Bracelet, a 3.5mm hook and 2 ply (1 weight) acrylic yarn.

For the flower I used the Gerbera pattern from the Gerbera and Rose Corsage pattern I found online. It’s from the Craftzine.com book excerpt. Its a pdf file I downloaded a while ago and now I can’t seem to find the link anymore 😦

Bow tie for the page boys. This one I just made up. I used a 2 ply (01 weight) acrylic yarn doubled (1 strand yellow 1 strand orange) and a 5mm hook for the bow. and used a 4 mm hook and just 1 strand of yellow yarn for the strap. I used the foundation double crochet for the appropriate length then made a border of slip stitches around the entire stranp to make it firmer. popped on a 1/2 inch button on one end.

The boutonniere for the groomsmen. For this I used the Crochet Bridal Flowers – Bridal bouquet and Boutonniere pattern by Cre8tion Crochet.

So what do you think? Are they any good? Would love to get your feedback and any suggestions you may have.

A Traditional Nigerian Igbo Marriage!

So on the 26th of March 2016 I went for a Nigerian Traditional Marriage. In Nigerian Igbo culture the traditional marriage is the main event. The traditional European wedding with a white gown and floral arrangements and the whole she-bang, called a white wedding here, is a secondary event. Once a couple have been united in a traditional marriage with the traditional rites they are considered husband and wife and the woman can go to live with the husband in his house. They are permitted to start their married life and can then go on to the white wedding anytime later. In my husband’s village (Abiriba) and in most conservative Christian families, the girl goes to her husband’s house only after the white wedding. In such cases the traditional marriage is just a matter of fulfilling tradition, no real importance is given to it.

To me this was a very exciting event. It was the daughter of my dearest friend and a lady who I consider to be a mother to me in this strange land. She has looked after me and looks out for my interests almost like my own mother. And this was the first marriage in her family! Moreover, I was also a lot more involved in this event. Unlike other traditional marriages I’ve been to where I was a guest and a spectator, here I was involved. My two little ones were even in the bridal train! OOhhh the excitement!! Usually events here tend to be boring for me because I don’t understand the language nor the significance of the rituals. But as I was more involved here, I was given more information and more interpretations! I’m going to add a collage of pics from the wedding at the bottom of this post. I was requested to wear an Indian Sari in the wedding colour of red so I did. Of course my jewellery was made to match 😉 And since I’d made something for myself I had to make something for my daughter too. I made her a hairband to match her bridesmaids’ (Ashebi, as they are called here) dress.


For the hairband I used the pattern from My Hobby is Crochet (www.myhobbyiscrochet.com/2013/08/thread-headband-free-pattern-and.html) but I didn’t use the suggested flower. Instead I used the Chrysanthemum Flower designed by Clare Sullivan (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmGjPTFDJkg) I got it off the BobWilson123 website. I used the Yeye yarn I have available (light fingering / 01 weight) and a 3.5mm hook.

For my own jewellery I used seed beads that I had (not sure about the size cause the sizing system here is very different from global systems, though they maybe a size 10/0) and used a basic spiral bead rope pattern tutorial from Inspirational Beading (http://inspirationalbeading.blogspot.com/2010/02/beading-tutorial-spiral-rope-chain.html?m=1) The blog has some great beading tutorials. I’m going to try her Dutch spiral and double spiral rope patterns next. The designer, Mortira, makes everything seem so easy.

Remember the wedding accessories I’d mentioned in my previous posts? Those are for the same girl’s white wedding. So far I’ve finished the silver bow for the little angels. Since the white wedding is in May I still have time to make the rest. Though time does seem to have a habit of getting away from me 😉   teeheehee…

I like the bow but i think its missing a bit of bling. What do you think?


And here are some pics of the traditional marriage itself.

The Cake.

The base is a trunk, topped with the brides traditional clothes, beaded jewellery and next to it is a Calabash, used for the traditionally drunk palm wine and unseen behind the trunk is a walking stick traditionally carried by the groom.